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Professional Training for Owners, Managers and Staff of Retail Businesses, to Ensure Success in the Modern and Fast-moving World of Retail Commerce, in Which Customers’ Demands and Expectations Are Constantly Changing and Evolving.

This Program explains about the wide range of activities which must be planned and undertaken by retailers to promote awareness and increase sales of the products in which the business deals, and to satisfy its customers.  The Program explains the differences between retail marketing and other types of marketing due to the special components of the retail trade, such as selling finished goods in small quantities to consumers or end users, traditionally from a fixed location; it teaches about retail marketing and how to make use of the common principles of the marketing mix such as product, price, place and promotion; and it includes insightful tuition on store location, layout, design, effective merchandising strategies, consumer psychology and behavior, product purchases, communications, branding and advertising.  It also covers modern e-commerce and e-tailing, and the importance of good, effective customer relations, and uniquely it covers the recruitment, training and supervision of sales personnel to ensure constant customer satisfaction, and to maintain excellent relations with – and ongoing sales to – both existing and potential customers.

The Program is ideal for retail, commercial sales, marketing and advertising personnel, managers and business owners who wish to be involved in some way in selling, retailing, marketing and promoting goods and services for sale.  It is also helpful for men and women wishing to gain promotion in any of those career areas or related areas.  There are many enjoyable, rewarding and interesting career opportunities in the retail and communications business environment, and the skills translate into very many different career areas as well, ensuring that good jobs can confidently be applied for in many areas when they arise.

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