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Cambridge International College (Britain) is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), one of the world’s largest accrediting bodies. 

ASIC accreditation helps students (and parents or sponsors) make an informed choice and gives confidence about enrolling with CIC because CIC is an accredited institution.  ASIC accreditation helps the College (or other school, university, training provider or distance education provider) demonstrate to the international student body that it is a high quality institution.  

ASIC is recognised by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in the CIQG International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation),and is an institutional member of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

In addition to meeting all of ASIC’s stringent accreditation criteria for quality management, programmes, administration and service-provision, Cambridge International College was awarded the grade of “commendable” in the areas of: Management & Staff Resources; Quality Assurance and Enhancement; Marketing & Recruitment; Premises and Health & Safety.

For verification of Cambridge International College’s accredited status you can visit the ASIC website: and type in: ‘Cambridge International College’ and you will see that the College’s status is: ‘Accredited’.


United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) (1)


Cambridge International College is an approved and accredited British College, authorised to offer its quality-assured Programs internationally.

Cambridge International College is certified as meeting international Quality Management Systems by the British Assessment Bureau which is accredited by UKAS – the United Kingdom Accreditation Service – which is the sole national accreditation body for the United Kingdom recognised by the UK government for the provision of accreditation of certification and inspection bodies in accordance with internationally recognised standards.  

The scope of Cambridge International College’s certification is: 

The provision of professional and international Study, Training and Educational Programs inclusive of Study Materials, College Administration, Examinations and Assignments, Assessments and Awards delivered across the Globe.

To verify Cambridge International College’s certification and scope of accreditation, you may visit the British Assessment Bureau website of and type in Cambridge International College’s accreditation reference of: 226302.


British Assessment Bureau


Cambridge International College is certificated by the British Assessment Bureau as having achieved the world recognised ISO-9001 Quality Management Systems standard.

British Assessment Bureau certification confirms CIC’s technical and organisational competence to carry out the service described in CIC’s ‘scope of accreditation’ – which is the provision of Study, Training and Education worldwide.

To verify Cambridge International College’s certification and scope of accreditation, you may visit the British Assessment Bureau website of and type in Cambridge International College’s accreditation reference of: 226302.




Cambridge International College is recognised worldwide as an accredited, approved British College.  One of the British Awarding Bodies which approves and endorses CIC and CIC qualifications is the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) City & Guilds. CIC is recognised as an ILM Approved Provider. 

CIC’s ILM ‘Approved Provider’ status means that you may – if you want and choose – be awarded an additional ILM City & Guilds Endorsed Certificate for the Subject in which you have gained a Cambridge International College Diploma or Award; for an application form click on “Learn More” below.

Various Cambridge International College Programs are approved and endorsed by ILM City & Guilds including:

  • Higher Business Administration (including for CIC Honours Diplomas)
  • Advanced Business Administration (including for CIC Baccalaureates)
  • Executive Business Administration
  • Advanced Mastery of Business Management & Administration (including for the CIC Advanced Mastery of Business Administration)

Employment: ILM City & Guilds endorsed qualifications give employers the assurance that programmes you have studied are developed, tested and delivered to high standards.

Students/Members/Graduates: You have the confidence that are qualified to perform to industry standards in a managerial and/or leadership role. 

Quality: An ILM Endorsed Certificate provides additional proof to current and prospective employers, sponsors, scholarship and bursary organisations, higher education establishments (such as universities), and other interested parties, that you studied with an approved British College and completed an endorsed high-quality management training programme.  

Investment: The ILM Endorsed Certificate confirms that your CIC programme attained the benchmark for high-quality management and leadership training, is quality-assured, credible and validates your investment in your training.

ILM is the UK’s largest awarding organisation for qualifications in leadership, management and enterprise. 




Cambridge International College is recognised worldwide as an accredited, approved British College.  One of the Accrediting Bodies which accredits and endorses CIC and CIC qualifications is Evaluation & Accreditation of Learning Providers (EALP).

On your request to CIC you may be awarded an EALP Certificate for CIC Study successfully completed.  An EALP Certificate will attest that you have undertaken a Professional Development Programme and have satisfied the requirements for the award of an EALP Accredited Qualification.  The Certificate is also confirmation that you have undertaken your study with an institution which meets key criteria including aims and objectives, course quality and delivery, structure and staffing, administration and policies, quality assurance, and quality standards.

To apply for an EALP certification simply complete the Application Form, and send it with the EALP Certificate charge directly to CIC in Britain.  CIC will make the necessary arrangements for the award of the EALP Certificate(s).   Click on “Learn More” below.





CIC’s ‘Quality Mark’ status is your guarantee of confidence in the quality, credibility, good practice and standards of professionalism of learning provided by Cambridge International College.

The Quality Mark is recognised as a key Learning and Development industry award and challenges learning providers to achieve training quality standards. The BILD Quality Mark is awarded by The British Institute for Learning and Development to institutions which have been able to demonstrate that they are able to meet 12 key criteria after an assessment has been conducted.  The 12 key criteria are outlined below:

  1. The implementation of clear and defined processes for scoping, training needs analysis, design, delivery, deployment, assessment and training evaluation to ensure they meet Learner needs.
  2. The use of appropriate training evaluation methods to ensure client’s and learner outcomes are met.
  3. A culture of continuous improvement in the quality of training, which helps making learning an enjoyable activity, and which increases learner retention and the achievement of individual learning goals.
  4. The development and son-going provision of a range of accredited and non-accredited programmes which provide opportunities for progression and which provide learners with experiences and, wherever appropriate, qualifications suited to their learning aims.
  5. Consideration of the business impact of training delivered with an aim to deliver a ‘return on investment’ as a result of investing in a training programme, that the benefits of the training match the costs and ‘pays for itself’ in good time.
  6. Ensuring rigorous and consistent assessment procedures which meet the standards of external awarding bodies and validating agencies.
  7. Ensuring that the College has the required number of staff with MBILD status.
  8. Assurance that all delivers and designers of training are assessed at least one a year to ensure that all ‘trainers’ (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Assessors) are meeting current protocols and quality standards for design and delivery.
  9. Regular review of the performance, training and developmental needs of all trainers’ (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Coaches, Assessors) and personal development action plans.
  10. Ensuring that all trainers (Teachers, Facilitators, Mentors, Coaches, Assessors) are encouraged to maintain a Personal Portfolio of Continuous Professional Development to maintain and develop personal skills, knowledge and experience.
  11. Ensuring that all developmental feedback on training (provision, materials, delivery format, delivery medium) is reviewed by the Director of Study & Training and College Board and that appropriate action is taken.
  12. Ensuring that any complaints received about training are reviewed by the Director of Study & Training and that appropriate action is taken as necessary.

CIC’s Membership of the British Institute for Learning and Development, and its Quality Mark status, is an assurance of CIC’s quality and good practice and standards of professionalism.





Cambridge International College is registered with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers, as a verified UK learning provider.  The United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) is a Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK and is used by government departments agencies such as the Learning and Skills Council, Careers Advice Service, HESA, HEFCE and UCAS, and by learners and employers. 

CIC’s listed status on the UKRLP as a UK learning provider means that CIC has been verified and has been allocated a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) as a unique identifier to share information with UKRLP partner agencies.  The UKRLP is an official Government Register of Verified Learning Providers in the UK although rather an official accrediting body.


Ministry of External Affairs


Cambridge International College is confirmed as registered in the British Isles.  This fact is confirmed and verified by the Government’s Ministry of External Affairs, and the Department of Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.

Cambridge International College: 

  • 1935 – the year in which CIC was founded.
  • 125 – the number of countries in which CIC has Members and Graduates.
  • 100 – the number of courses CIC offers.
  • 84 – the age of the oldest person to enrol with CIC (he completed aged 85!)
  • 65 – CIC Members from over 65 countries are featured in the current Prospectus.
  • 44 – the number of years the International Headquarters has been operating from Jersey, Britain (as of 2017).




Cambridge International College is a listed supplier and authorised provider of study and educational courses for the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). 

The DFID is the Department which leads UK government work to end poverty by creating jobs, unlocking the potential of women and helping to save lives during humanitarian emergencies worldwide.   Anyone who works for the Department for International Development or other similar British organisations can apply to have their Cambridge International College Fees paid by the Department for International Development (for example, the DFID paid the Fees for Mr Jacob Sambo of the DFID Zambia Logistics Team to study CIC’s Materials & Logistics Administration Baccalaureate Programme).

Cambridge International College is pleased to continue a policy of allowing anyone who works for a registered charity, aid agency, the United Nations, the WFP or DFID, a 10% reduction from stated CIC Fees; simply send your Registration Form and Fee payment details to CIC with proof of your employment by the DFID, UN or charitable institution – or ask for a ProForma invoice.  






CIC is an approved Full Member of the British Institute for Learning and Development (BILD), which was created under the guidance of the British Department for Education & Skills (Ministry of Education).

The role of the British Institute for Learning and Development is to promote quality, development and good practice in learning and development, and to offer a professional, independent view of learning organisations.

Members of the BILD are required to meet the BILD Code of Conduct, which requires that specified standards and duties of professionalism are provided by Learning and Development institutions – Cambridge International College meets these standards of professionalism and care.




Cambridge International College’s qualifications have been endorsed by EDI and Cambridge International College’s has been approved by EDI to deliver endorsed qualifications. 

EDI’s endorsement as a regulated UK Awarding Body have provided an external verification of CIC’s endorsed qualifications, and gives assurance and approval that CIC meets quality assurance, content, structure and assessment standards for provision of learning programmes, and is recognised for high quality training and learning provision.

CIC’s endorsed qualifications have been equated at levels which reflect the level of learning required by learners to complete each qualification and are of an equivalent standard to the UK qualifications framework.

The majority of CIC’s Diplomas have been endorsed by EDI at Level 4, equated at the same study level as NVQ Level 4; Level 4 is for professional development and is appropriate for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others.  

CIC’s Honours (Advanced) Diplomas and Business Administration Programme have been endorsed by EDI at Level 5, equated on the British National Framework as the same study level as NVQ 5. Level 5 Learning at this level involves the demonstration of high levels of knowledge, work expertise in job roles and competence in managing and training others.




Cambridge International College is approved as an educational centre by Pearson Education. 

This approval is based upon the external verification of Cambridge International College’s quality systems and educational provision, which have been recognised and approved as high quality training, learning provision and learning programmes.

Learners, employers and external bodies and governments are therefore assured of the quality of study, training and education provided by Cambridge International College.