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A thorough introduction to the types and aims of advertising and the advertising environment, and the purposes of public relations and its use and implementation for maximum benefit.Description: A unique Program for anyone involved in, or aiming to enter, or who needs an understanding of the advertising and public relations world.  All advertising, PR, sales and marketing managers, business owners, managers and sales staff need a good understanding of the types, functions and features of advertising, of media and agencies, and their role in promoting the products and services of an organization, and achieving profitable sales.  Good public relations positively contributes to the overall impression held by customers and other stakeholders, and to the success of enterprises; therefore managers/administrators must be aware of the benefits of good PR, know how to manage, prepare and conduct effective PR programmes and campaigns, and how to manage PR companies and clients.

Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program include:

  • Advertising, advertisers and advertisements; the aims, features and types of advertising.
  • The importance of advertising to producers, vendors, consumers and the media.
  • Types of advertisers: individuals, business, others.
  • Markets, marketing, communication, media representatives.
  • Advertising media: print, broadcast, direct-mail, transit, cinema, radio, television.
  • Website design & production.
  • Speciality and point of sale advertising.
  • Features of media andchoosing the best options.
  • Advertising agencies: their functions, organisation, staff, departments.
  • Advertising agencies: the work performed in them; advertising executives and their duties.
  • Managing advertising and PR agencies: account groups, payments, revenues, fees.
  • Creating print, radio and television advertisements.
  • The advertising copy and the illustrated advertising message.
  • Copywriting – the process and considerations, style and effectiveness.
  • The principles and considerations of design and layout.
  • Creating and preparing radio and television advertisements; the types, the planning, the elements, the production.
  • Direct mail advertising; the types, aims and components.
  • Impact, persuasion and effective design of literature.
  • Public relations theory and practice: objectives, research, programmes, techniques.
  • Communication, goodwill and public opinion.
  • PR compared to advertising and sales promotions; PR and media management.
  • PR provision – internal PR departments, external PR consultancies, the advantages and management of both types.
  • The qualities needed of PR managers and staff; the main PR activities.
  • PR budgets, client accounts and account management, costs and billing clients.
  • PR programmes and advertising campaigns; analysing the situation and attitudes, deciding on priorities and the target audience, selecting the media and techniques to use, measuring the results.
  • Sales promotion – aims, features, methods, control and the promotional mix.
  • Promotions and their relation to advertising, and the role of personal selling.
  • Introducing new products; convincing consumers and commercial buyers.
  • The planning and operation of a full promotional campaign; strategy, targets, marketing activities, the PR angle.
  • Measuring PR and advertising effectiveness; pre- and post- advertising and PR measurements, techniques.
  • Social media, internet and web adverts and design, their development and effects.
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